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Welcome to MV Chalice

Chalice at CragaigChalice is a small cruise ship, designed and purpose-built to give you a comfortable platfrom from which to enjoy some of the best Scottish wildlife and scenery. Join us as we cruise around the Scottish islands of the Hebrides.  Chalice is the perfect way to go whale watching in UK waters - you can also see dolphins, porpoise, otters and basking sharks. Chalice sails from the port of Oban running a variety of cruises with a wide appeal: wildlife cruises, birdwatching cruises,  art cruises, photography cruises - all around the Hebrides, the last natural wilderness in Europe.

If you've never sailed before, or you're a little apprehensive about embarking on this type of holiday, then you should visit our Timid Sailor page, where you will be given some sensible advice about this type of cruise hoiday. Our programmed cruises are listed here, or perhaps you'd like to talk to us with a view to arranging your own private charter for a group of friends?

All Hebrides cruises on board Chalice are accompanied by a guide who can act as an additional pair of eyes and ears. Travelling in a small group of a maximum of twelve guests, you don't have to be any sort of 'expert' to enjoy a cruise on Chalice - the Scottish wildlife and scenery is all around you and we'll make sure that you're well-fed, comfortable and above all, safe. If you're looking for a holiday that will allow you to unwind in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere whilst exploring the islands and lochs of the Hebrides, then you'll love the Chalice experience

Find out more go to the main MV Chalice website. 

For information on day trips from Oban wher you may see whales and dolphins, go to the Highland Tiger website